Baptism/Christening (Kiristina)


According to the faith and order of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, baptism (Christening) is a gateway to becoming a member of the family of Christ. Based on the Scriptures (Leviticus 12: 1-5), baby boys on their 40th day and baby girls on their 80th day after birth are taken to the church in order to be baptized. Denver Hamere-Noah Kidane-Mehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church performs baptismal service every Sunday starting from exactly 7 am. Parents who need baptismal service are required to notify the church fathers well in advance and on the Christening day arrive at the church at 6:45 am so that there would be no delay to the liturgical and other services for the day. Also, please fill in and return a form which will be provided to you on the Christening day which helps to prepare a baptismal certificate for your child. You can also download the form from the link below.

Holy Matrimony (Kidus Gabicha)


Denver Hamere-Noah Kidane-Mehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church provides matrimonial (wedding) services either on Saturday or on Sunday depending on the interest of the marrying couples. Marrying couples and their company are expected to arrive at the premises of the church at 7 am. They are also required to attend a pre-wedding lesson offered by the church fathers which may take a few weeks. The church sticks to the order of the church striclty and no service will be offered to any couples who want service deviating from the order and tradition of the church. The marrying couples will be united through the Holy Communion and Holy Matrimony.

Memorial Services (Tselote Fithat)


Denver Hamere-Noah Kidane-Mehret Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church provides memorial service every Sunday upon the request made by members of our congregation. People who need memorial services for their loved ones need to notify the church administration or our church fathers well in advance so that the memorial service can be included into the schedule for the day. The church also provides services for Ethiopians who pass away in our metropolis. If you need any assistance or would like to get some more information, please contact the church fathers and make arrangements.